Solar Water Heater/Geyser

Everyone uses geysers and water heaters in their homes, usually in winters. Solar water heaters and geysers are a good way of getting hot water quickly without paying huge electricity bills. It is a sustainable and cost-effective way of generating hot water as per the climate.

Types of Solar Water Heater

There are a variety of solar water heaters and geysers available in the market. They come in different shapes and sizes with several diverse materials. Depending upon the quality, size, and preference, the choice of getting a solar water collector can be made. While at it, there are primarily two types of solar water heater:
● Flat tube solar collector
● Evacuated tube solar collector

Information about the systems

Information about the systems
A well-insulated storage tank is required to heat the water through solar energy. There are two categories of solar water heaters and collectors, depending upon the number of tanks— one tank water heater and two tank water heater. However, for residential applications, the following types of solar water collectors are used:

● Flat tube solar collector
These collectors contain a flat absorber plate to make the tank weatherproof. It has polymer glass covers as well for additional protection. These collectors are well insulated and contain a dark absorber plate, which is unglazed.

● Evacuated tube solar collector
It contains transparent glass tubes, which are responsible for the installation of water. The water heats up with the solar energy, and the metal absorber attached to the fin inhibits radiative heat loss. The fin has a coating that helps to absorb the solar
energy and heat the water.

Product application

Solar water heaters can be used to generate hot water. Got water has multiple households as well as factory uses. In homes, it can be used to bathe, wash dishes and clothes, and clean the house during the winters.
It is especially useful for those who are tired of paying high amounts of electricity bills. Heating water with a regular geyser can add up to your electricity bill’s expenses, so it is better to install solar water heaters.

Advantages for customers

There are various benefits of using solar water heaters and geysers for the customers.
Following are a few of them:
● You get a lesser amount of electricity bills
● It can contribute to your monthly savings
● You can contribute to a better, greener environment
● The water and air quality improves
● No external fuels are used in heating
● Conversion of 80% of radiation for heating