Solar Street Light

Solar street lights play a major role in saving the environment. It largely contributes to the conservation of energy because a large portion of water resources are used for the generation of electricity.
Solar street lights are the light sources for the people driving on the roads. The electricity to power the street lights is generated with solar panels installed above the lights. It converts the onslaught during the day into electricity to be used for lights.

Information about the systems

Various features of solar street lights can help to understand the mechanism. The features of solar street lights are:
● Solar street lights automatically turn on and off because they have sensors that can sense the outdoor light. Solar panel voltages also assist the sensors in identifying the light.
● If the weather is such that the sun is not in the sky for a long time, the solar street lights get charged with the stored energy and can be turned on for more than one night.
● There are flat solar panels installed above the streetlight to support the wind. They are usually installed in windy regions.
● Inside the streetlight, LED or fluorescent bulbs are used because they save energy.
● Since technology is upgrading, there are automated battery management and better networks for turning the lights on and off.

Product application

Different solar street lights have different solar panels. There are two types of solar panels used in street lights: mono-crystalline and polycrystalline. The usage and application for both vary, and so do their benefits. The solar street lights have to be installed mainly four components:
● Solar panels
● Lighting fixtures for LED
● Rechargeable batteries or backup
● Strong poles for resistance
● PV panels
All of these components make the use of solar street lights efficient and cost-effective.

Advantages for customers

There are various advantages of using solar street lights for customers. That is why they are widely used in several regions of the world. It contributes mostly to reverse the impact of climate change on earth. Let’s have a look at its benefits:
● There is no utility grid used in the solar street lights.
● The operation cost of installation of solar street lights is lower than normal street lights run by fuel.
● Very little maintenance is required for solar street lights because they use
automated functions for tuning on and off.
● Since it uses solar panels, there are no electrical wires involved; this curtails the chances of electrical accidents.
● It promotes the message of a sustainable environment because it is nonpolluting.