Solar Plant

Conservation of energy is essential to human life. For this, solar power plants are a great solution to convert the energy from sunlight to electricity. These power plants contribute substantially to the environment by making it sustainable. Solar plant systems use various elements for the process of the conversion of sunlight to electricity.

Types of Solar Plant

There are a variety of solar power plants that can be used for multiple purposes. They also have different elements that provide various advantages to the customers. Each type has other usage and mechanism. Following are the types of solar plants:
● On-grid solar system
● Off-grid solar system
● Hybrid grid solar system

Information about the systems

Different solar plants have different advantages. For instance, on-grid solar systems give you the benefit of zero electricity bills. However, off-grid solar systems provide the facility of using stored electricity in the inverters. Depending upon the pros and cons, it can be decided which amongst them can suit the requirements.

On-grid solar system
In this solar system, the utility grid transfers the electricity from sunlight to different appliances. The solar panels are responsible for converting the DC (Direct Current) to AC (Alternating Current). The grid regulates the amount of voltage and electricity in the electrical items.

● Off-grid solar system
Off-grid solar systems use specialized off-grid inverters, which are responsible for the storage of energy. The solar energy can be stored in these inverters for up to 2 days. Since the power can be stored, the electricity can be used for the appliances when required.

● Hybrid grid solar system
As the name itself suggests, a hybrid solar system is the combination of an on-grid and off-grid system. They use lower coats of hybrid inverters to store the energy in the battery. The battery can supply power for 10 hours to the electrical appliances.

Product application

The photons hit the solar panel from the sunlight. The conversion starts when electrons convert it to DC. After this, the DC flows in the inverter to get converted into AC. This can be used as electricity for electrician appliances in homes, factories, and other places.

Advantages for customers

There are various advantages to using solar plants. They are mentioned as under:
● Sustainable way of living
● It is a renewable energy source
● Promotes green environment
● No use of electricity
● No exorbitant electricity bills
● Low maintenance costs
● Technological improvement
● The least negative impact on the environment