Why do we need Solar Energy?

Be part of a community that thinks about the future.


Solar System reduces your household's carbon footprint and our dependency on fossil fuels. Using this energy source reduces air pollution and helps saving water as it uses less water.


Solar System recovers it's value and starts to pay you back gradually. It also increases value monetary value of your home or property.


It's free and limitless energy source making it more reliant energy generating system. It makes our home energy generator instead of energy consumer.

About Us

Founded by Rambir Singh in the year 1992 as Electrical Engineers and Contractors. Successfully delivering in the Private and Public Sectors we have been part of the industry for more than 25 years.

“We are Intec Engineers.”

At last, here to deliver in the field of Solar Energy thus,

“Intec Solar Solutions.”

Siddharth Billa

Sales Head

Mechanical Engineers

Manu Singh

Marketing Head

Mechanical Engineer

Prasanjeet Singh

Technical Director

Electrical Engineers

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